COPY-Albany citizen runs for Dougherty County Sheriff

January 28, 2008

Albany -- Dougherty County voters will see another name on the sheriff ballot.

Kirk Smith has been living in Southwest Georgia since he was four years old. He says he's running for Dougherty County Sheriff because he wants to take on crime head on.

Smith is a little different from the other candidates so far since he doesn't have a law enforcement background.

But he says that should be part of his appeal.

"As a citizen in Dougherty County I see the things that citizens see. I go through the same things they go through. The system is not working for us. Its not working for the people. We can change the system by putting someone who is not tied into this system of corruption," said Kirk Smith.

So far Albany Police Lieutenant Benita Childs and Dougherty County Sheriff's Capt. Kevin Sproul have also officially announced they will also be running for the Dougherty County Sheriff position.