Tips To Sell Your Home Quicker

Selling your house can be difficult for some and easier for others.  However, there is a new tactic that's getting many homes off the market sooner.

In today's slow market, experts are recommending sellers to use creative ways to help your house stand out among the rest on the market.  "A fresh coat of paint, de-cluttering, nice tables and counter tops.  Plus, furniture can help people see what each room can hold.  Also, its very important to make sure the house smell very nice," said Columbus Board of Realtors Sandi Green.

Some sellers are taking the initiative to stage the house like it's actually been lived in right now.  Right now, a house in Forest Lake Subdivision is currently on the market.  It has everything from furniture, pictures hung on the walls and even soap already in the bathrooms.

Green has been a realtor for 28 years and says this new approach has actually helped her sell a home in the past.  "It sold very quickly and the people brought some of the furniture and kept it there.  It just really helps new construction, because people can picture there own things in the house," said Green.

Some quick reminders as you prepare to see your home is use warm, neutral or bold colors.  Also, make sure the home is de-clutter and make sure the home smells nice and look clean.

Experts say if you can't afford to stage your home to sell.  You can simply add some fresh paint and make sure the home is clean both on the inside and outside.

Right now, most homes on the market in Columbus are there for about 120 days.