"Safety First" Burn Prevention

Preventing Burns

  • Keep your water heater set no higher than 50degreesC (125degreesF). Always run cold water into the bath-tub first, then add the hot water.
  • Keep hot liquids and containers, and electrical appliance flexes, away from the edge of tables and kitchen work-tops.
  • When cooking, always make sure the pan handles don't overhang the edge of your cooker
  • Never wear loose clothing near cookers, open fires, and heaters. Always wear short sleeves when you are tending a fire or cooking.
  • Be careful using microwave ovens. Steam escaping from the container can cause scalds. Foods can be just warm in one spot and scalding in another.
  • Never forget that portable heaters, laundry irons, electric hair curlers, and even table lamps take time to cool down after use.
  • Always switch off ovens and hotplates after use, and remember that they will stay hot enough to burn for some time after.
  • Pay attention to "flammable" and "corrosive" warnings on chemical products. Always read and follow the safety guidelines.
  • Never use petrol (gasoline) for anything other than to fuel an engine. Never top up a fuel tank in an enclosed space (such as a garage or shed).
  • Never leave a young child alone in a bathroom or kitchen, or in a room with a convector heater or an open fire.
    Keep young children away from hot taps (faucets) and water pipes.
    Never drink hot tea or coffee while you are holding a child.
    Keep matches, lighters, and chemicals such as bleach out of reach of children.