Your Spa Ratings -- Ga. Inspection Report and Citation Report


Georgia State Board of Cosmetology Inpection Report and Citation




1.  Have all persons working currently licensed and/ or registered O.C.G.A.

unlicensed $500/ expired #300

2.  Post license/permit at work station. $150
3.  Have current salon/shop license appropriate for services performed. $500
4.  Have apprentice reports up-to-date. $500
5.  Have apprentice under direct supervision of proper master license holder $500
6.  Have sanitary regulations posted. $150
7.  Shop permit in a conspicuous place. $500
8.  Post recent inspection frorm in a conspicuous place $100
9.  Have salon separated by tight, ceiling high partition from residence rooms. $500
10. Have walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, and equipment free from dust, dirt and debris. $500
11. Have proper toilet and plumbing facilities. $500
12. Have hot and cold running water. $500
13. Have shampoo bowls and sinks sanitized. $100
14. Have all cosmetology implements cleansed and sanitized. $500
15. Have all nail care implements cleansed and sanitized. $500
16. Have all esthetician implements cleansed and sanitized. $500
17. Have wet and dry sanitizers. $500
18. Have soiled towels in container. $500
19. Have clean towels in closed container or closed cabinet. $500
20. Have creams, lotions, other cosmetics for use on patrons in sanitary, closed container. $500
21. Have establishment free from stale food an soiled dishes. $200
22. Have garbage stored in covered, washable container. $200
23. Have waste and garbage removed daily. $300
24. Have outside entrance to salon if in residence. $500
25. Wear appropriate clothing for clinical services to prevent occupational exposure of potential infectious materials. $500
26. Have master cosmetologist, esthetician or nail technician provide apprentice with textbook and necessary equipment to study occupation of cosmetology. $500
 27. have pets in cosmetology establishment  n/a