Car Hits Child While Crossing To Catch The Bus

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

The last thing six year old Grayson Hyde remembers from Thursday morning is seeing the pavement as he stepped out into the street to go to the school bus.

He did not see the woman who was driving the opposite way, right into his path.

His older sister was right behind him, though, and witnessed everything.

"When I saw Grayson get hit, I was really scared. I ran to get my mom, and she came...all my friends were there helping me," said Madison Hyde, Grayson's sister and a fourth grader at Eagle Ridge Elementary.

Grayson's mother was in disbelief when her daughter ran into the house.

" I asked her, 'Is he talking, is he moving,' because you don't want to see it if its that bad...but she said he was alright, that he was blinking, so I just took off to help him," said Anneliese Hyde, Grayson's mother.

The Eagle Ridge 1st grader only ended up with a bruised leg bone, very minor injuries considering what happened.

School board transportation officials say people need to remember the precious cargo bus drivers carry.

"They don't think like have to go the extra mile to make sure they stay safe," said Bill Mooney, Transportation Training Supervisor for the Muscogee County School District.

Grayson's family wants his experience to serve as a warning for others out on the road.

"I just want to tell those drivers to slow down," said Madison Hyde.

"Just take two more's better to be two minutes late than to have a little guy in the hospital," said Anneliese Hyde.

As for Grayson, he says he needs a little break from the excitement of bus stops for a while.

"I probably won't ride the bus for about two months or so," said Hyde.