Benefits of Gender Gym Facilities

Many women say they have seen a number of benefits from going to an all women's gym.  They say they can focus on toning up instead worrying about how they look.

Many who workout at Fitness for Women in Columbus say it has helped them to concentrate even more.  "You don't have to worry about someone watching you or you watching somebody," said Gym Member Shair Highsmith.

"I just feel more comfortable.  You don't have to worry about guys looking and it's easier.  It's just women trying to work on problem areas," said Gym Member Teresa Long.

Whether it's problem areas, toning, or even trying boost your metabolism.  The women at Fitness for women say they aren't worried about their hair or even make-up.  Something that haven't gone un-noticed by fitness experts.  "I think they aren't worried about guys looking at them.  Many ladies will wear something more comfortable like baggy sweats.  I basically feel overall they feel a lot better about themselves," said Manager Robert Jenkins.

Some other benefits of working out in a gender facility is it can reduce stress for women who maybe intimidated by a mixed-gender work out environment.  Therefore feeling more comfortable can encourage women to exercise more frequently.  "The big plus is it doesn't smell in here like in co-ed gyms.  I don't have to worry about sweat on machines.  The locker rooms smell nice and fresher and I like that," said Gym Member Jan Bovaird.

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