COPY-Tornado Leaves Taylor County Residents Cleaning Up The Mess

Feb. 18, 2008

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM)- People who live in the community off Waine Wright Road in Taylor County describe the storm as a domino effect, saying it swirled through their homes, one by one; uprooting trees, shacking sheds, an F-0 tornado leaving a path of destruction.

Jayne West looks at this tree that fell right on her back porch, just inches away from landing on her house.

"It was really scary there for a little while. Me and the grandchildren were in the bathroom in the floor covered up. So we were terrified and it just happened so quick," she says.

But, neighbors say Jimmy and Sandra Rammage are really the lucky ones.

They were inside their trailer when the storm tore right through it.

"At first when the winds picked up we were here in the living room right where this chair is at. It immediately started getting worse so we moved into the hallway and I told my wife it was right on top of us," says Jimmy Rammage.

The couple say the tornado tricked through the house. It started over in the kitchen and then swept through the living room. They knew it was only a matter of seconds before it made it to the closet where they took cover.

"I stepped into the room got about right here and she was coming in. She pushes me in here and I fell and pulled her with me and we got in and everything was gone. Now this is my miracle closet for now on. I'm going to call it that because if it wasn't for this room and this closet, we wouldn't be here." added Rammage.

And members of this community echo how blessed they are, saying things could have been much worse.