Is that credit report really free?

Those wanting to monitor their credit may get confused by commercials promising a free copy of your credit report.  At times the report may be free but the service that one subscribes to is not.

Here's an example of a place where you can get free credit reports.


Under Georgia State and Federal law, consumers are entitled to two free credit reports from each of the three major reporting agencies every year -- for a total of six free credit reports.  Through this website you can request a free copy of your report from any of the three agencies at any time -- always free of charge.

Now here's an example of a service that is not free.


This site is backed by the credit reporting agency Experian.  You must sign up for one of Experians monitoring services, at a cost of $14.95 pers month to obtain a credit report.

You cannot request a copy from Equifax, or TransUnion through Experian - thus, making the information provided by this site, incomplete.


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