Phenix City Changes Face Of Public Housing

Since the early nineteen forties, public housing has been the traditional red brick.  But that image is on the verge of changing at Frederick Douglas apartments.

The newly renovated apartments will feature central heat and air, cable hook-up as well as washer/dryer hookup.  They will also have 5 units available for disabled families.  Housing Executive Director Judy Hare says this is the beginning to more to come for people living in public housing in the city.  "I want them to be proud of there neighborhood.  I want them to fill like their safe and that there's no stigma attached to it.  Its just a place low income families can be able to afford," said Hare.

The red brick units have been the look for public housing across America, but the new look will help boost the attitude among parents as well as children living here.  "This will help them when they go home from school or wherever.  They have a nice place to go into.  They can feel better about it," said Hare.

The Frederick Douglas units are expected to be completed sometime in April.  Hare says the next complex they want to revamp is L.P. Style off Seale Road.

Right now, they are planning to do more landscaping, change the outside look, change the back porches and have each unit look different.  They plan to start this renovation this summer.