Get Moving Monday's Comes To An End

When I begin the segment of Get Moving Monday's it was weird even thinking about taking my weight loss public.  I have to say I'm thankful that I have been able to inspire other people to get out the door everyday and get moving.

Through Get Moving Monday's, I learned the importance of proper nutrition and exercise.  Plus, I found a new love in spinning classes.  I can honestly tell you from the very beginning it was not easy.

There were days I wanted to give-up and say I quit, but through the help of my family, friends, and co-workers.  They encouraged me along the way.

I have to say the most shocking part of this journey was the day I stepped on the scale to find out I weighed 250 pounds.  My body mass index was 42.4.  Right now, I am at 235 pounds.  My body fat percentage has went from 42.4 to now 30.2.

So I have to say even though I haven't met my goal yet.  I have a greater appreciation for myself and health as I move forward to new and healthier me.

Right now, I am going to continue exercising and eating healthier to get closer to my goal.

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