You Can Help A Local Student Get Into College Without Giving A Dime

March 5, 2008

Russell County, Ala.  (WTVM)- With the stroke of a brush, Russell County senior, Jafon Fearson puts the final touches on his master piece.

But now--he says he needs your help to complete the picture.

"This scholarship means a way to education. And now I need my community and schools help to vote for me, it's been turned in to a public voting affair, so I need everyone's help to vote for me, so I may move on to the top 64," says Fearson.

It all started when Fearson put a profile on a web site.

Www-dot-zinch dot com.

150,000 students logged on to the site, all vying for a $20,000 scholarship.

The web site focuses on the students academic and student profile, not just test scores.

"Its similar to Myspace, but it's an a way for colleges to view your academic profile and they actually give scholarships according to what you put on your profile," he added.

Fearson currently has a 4.3 GPA.

Faculty and staff at Russell County High School say he's a stand out student.

Coming from a single parent home, Fearson says the website has been a blessing.

He says his mom needs all the help she can get sending him to college.

"Right now, there has been no other person in my generation in my family who has graduated from college. I would like to be the first to shine the example," he added.

"Jafon is a very well-rounded young man. He's very energetic innovative anything you want him to do. He keeps amazing me with his talents," added Principal McTier.

Talents Fearon now needs the public to see.

Log onto, a banner will appear on the front of the page that reads 64 students, your vote.

Click on the banner, go to East number two, then click on Jafon Fearson.