Auburn Students React To Arrest Made in Lauren Burk's Murder

Mar. 8, 2008

AUBURN, Al (WTVM) News Leader Nine was at a restaurant downtown in Auburn this morning as the announcement of the arrest in Lauren Burk's case was made by police.

And as soon as the press conference started, almost everyone stopped eating, stopped talking and turned to the television to listen to the latest news.

Knowing that a suspect is now behind bars, many students say they are able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Students eyes were glued to the television this morning in downtown Auburn as the latest developments in Lauren Burk's case were revealed by police.

This morning's press conference and announcement of an arrest in her murder caught the attention of many students as they started their weekend.

And as word of the latest news spread across campus, reactions were all very similar.

"That's a great relief for campus, for students, for everyone. That's wonderful," said Deborah Pierce.

"I'm just glad he's caught. A lot of girls were scared. I wasn't too worried about it but everybody has been talking about it. So I'm just excited that he's been caught. It should be bring a lot of relief to the family," said Auburn sophomore Phillip Poundstone.

"It makes me feel definitely a lot more safe about the people in Auburn. I think that a lot more people are going to feel more comfortable about going out at night and stuff like that now," said Auburn Student Stephen Sprayberry.

"Hopefully all these shootings and violence in college towns will start to dissipate especially with quick justice- people think before they act," said Auburn graduate student Matthew Marshall.

The arrest comes less than a week after their fellow student lost her life and many students say they will always remember the past few days whenever they look back on their college years.

"I don't think anyone will ever forget about it. I know I won't even when I'm older and have kids. It's not a good deal but it could have been a lot worse if they never did find out who did it," added Poundstone.

Many of the students we spoke to today say that they are planning on going to Lauren's memorial service on Monday here on campus.

Some are still in shock that such a crime happened in a place like Auburn but all of the people we spoke to today are happy to hear that police have arrested a suspect.