Russell County Tornado Victim Lives In House With A Torn Roof

March 12, 2008

Columbus, GA (WTVM)- 83 year-old Esther Ivery was in her Russell County home when the tornado struck February 17th.

"I'm just thankful I'm still here because it went by so fast you really didn't think until after it was gone," says Ivery.

Ivery's daughter, Betty was in the house with her mother when the storm rolled through.

She says it was one of the scariest things she's ever experienced.

"I heard a whoa, whoa and the next thing you know the roof and everything just fell over the door. Next thing you knew, the ceiling was up in the air and I could see outside," says Ivery.

"I fell down there and she said get in the bathtub. She closed the window and at the time the roof flew up on the house and the water was pouring and then she said crawl in the bathroom," added Esther Ivery.

The Ivery's survived the storm.

But, for the past four weeks they've had to make due, trying to keep the cold out.

With the roof still off, the Ivery's recently learned their insurance doesn't cover the tornado

"The state of Alabama was not declared a disaster area, therefore those victims affected by the tornado here in Russell County did not qualify for federal assistance. We followed up with trying to get these individuals a SDA loan and they didn't qualify for that either so right now we can't get them any financial assistance," says Russell County EMA Director, William Alexander.

"I can't do anything but talk, but I pray somebody will come and help us get the roof back on the house," says Ivery.