Details About The Alleged Gunman Charles Johnston: Who Is He?

Mar. 27, 2008

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM)- It's a scene you wouldn't normally see at a hospital.

A murder scene, which police say 63 year-old Charles Johnston created.

"I heard a rain of gunfire just rang. I looked across the street. I seen people running and that's when I looked an saw a police pull in and jumps out with a pistol, running up the hill," saic James Perry.

Perry, an eyewitness, describes Johnston running out of the hospital, saying he was a madman.

"He looked ticked off," added Perry.

Police say Johnston came back for revenge on one of the nurses who tended to his mother, Lily Mae, when she died at Doctor's Hospital back in September of 2004.

Mr. Roberts, who lives next door to Johnston's brother, says Johnston was very close to his mother, who is buried now at Green Acres Cemetery.

Roberts says, Charles Johnston was a good guy and his mom raised him to make better decisions than this one.

"I would think she would be turning over in her grave if she knew or thought about anything like this was happening," says Roberts.

Johnston was a full-time employee for MCSD from September 1973 to December 1973 at Rothschild Junior High. He served as a teacher's aide before resigning.

In March 1997, he enrolled in the substitute training class and is last listed as receiving pay from the MCSD in May 2007 as a substitute teacher.

Once treated and released Johnston will face murder charges. Sources say, at least one of the victims targeted in Thursday's rampage may have cared for Johnston's mother back in 2004.