Partner remembers Doctor's Hospital shooting victim, Leslie Harris

Mar. 28, 2008

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM)- Keith Cavender describes his last moment with his co-worker and life-partner Leslie Harris.

"He gave me a kiss and said I love you and I told him I love you back. And those were the last words we ever had."

Friends called him "Les."Co-workers said there was never a dull moment on the fifth floor when he was at work.

"He was very nurturing, very caring and very loving. He was fun and outgoing type with a bubbly personality. Even if it was a bad day, he made the staff have fun," says Cavender.

Friends say, Les Harris chose the health care field because he loved helping others. And Cavendar says Les died, protecting employees and visitors on the fifth floor of Doctors Hospital Thursday, but couldn't save himself.

"He shot the first nurse. He said you're the one who killed my mother and he shot him. Les took off down the hall to secure the elevator, but instead of him being on the elevator, he was behind the wall and he turned and shot him in the heart," he added.

Cavender explains 63 year-old Charles Johnston's bullet killed Harris instantly..

Cavendar says, Les died right in his arms.

"He not only took away someone very special to me, but a very special co-worker, a very talented co-worker," added Cavender.