O Columbus, Where Art Thou?

The city of Columbus is trying to think of ways to save taxpayer money.  One idea is to have incarcerated felons perform civic duties like cleaning the Government Center.

Columbus officials say the criminals would be non-violent convicts only, and add that the idea is simply under consideration.

Nevertheless, News Leader 9 wanted to hear your opinions on ViewerLine 9, and you called this week to leave your comments.

-Blondie, Columbus:

"No, I don't feel that they should allow insmates to have any access to the public if they have committed a crime."

-Michelle, Columbus:

"We'd be able to save the city a lot more money.  It's not fair to have them sitting in the jail watching television and being served meals for free.  So they should go out and be able to work to our advantage and be able to help the public."

-Harold, Ft. Mitchell:

"I think it's a very good idea to use non-violent prisoners in city projects.  It'll save money and keep the prisoners busy and out of trouble."

-Linda, Phenix City:

"I think it's a good idea to use prisoners if they're used after the office hours.  That way the people in the building wouldn't be worried about the prisoners."

-Jim, Columbus:

"I'm all for using the prison labor to clean the Government Center.  But if we save all that money we're supposed to save, let's put it to good use and not blow it like we're wasting every little bit we get our hands on down there now."

Don't worry, none of your ViewerLine 9 calls will go to waste.  Call (706) 327-6062 with any and all of your comments.

by Tom Sileo