Affordable Housing for Seniors Now Available in Columbus

April 8, 2008

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM)-- The area's newest affordable housing community opened in Columbus today.

Farrfield Manor, the area's newest affordable housing community for low income seniors, officially opened Tuesday.

Together the Retirement Housing Foundation and United States Department of Housing and Urban Development sponsored and funded the project to provide residents like Alice Knight with a place to call home.

She has lived in Columbus for over forty years and after dealing with serious health problems, found herself on medical retirement. She like many senior citizens, is living on a fixed income and dealing with the rising costs of living.

"You want to retire where you're comfortable and it's affordable living and where I was living before, rent was going to go up. I'm receiving Social Security and it wasn't going to be that much for me to live off of," Knight said.

And according to officials with the Retirement Housing Foundation, Alice isn't alone.

"We find that about seventy percent or more of our residents are single women living on social security- single either by death, or divorce or never being married so there's a critical need in our country," said Dr. Laverne Joseph, President and CEO of the Retirement Housing Foundation.

Farrfield Manor boosts seventy one one-bedroom apartments and charges a senior no more than thirty percent of their monthly income, giving residents like Alice hope.

"Now things are beginning to look better and be better for me. You can see a way out when there was no way out," she said.

We're told nineteen apartments are still available at Farrfield manor.

For more an online application and to see if you qualify to live at Farrfield Manor, you can go to the Retirement Housing Foundation's website at

You can also request one in the office at Farrfield Manor on Farr Road in Columbus.