Police Involved Shooting in East Alabama Leaves Lanett Man in Critical Condition

April 20th, 2008

LANETT, Al (WTVM)--A Lanett police officer, on the force for three years, is on paid administrative duty after he fired his weapons at a suspect.

It all started around 11:30 Sunday Morning, when police responded to the 1700 block of 24th St. SW in Lanett.

When the three officers got to the scene, they found a 58-year old black male waving a gun in the air.

"The officers yelled at the defendant to put his gun down and surrender, but he didn't.  At one point, shots were fired by defendant and one of the officers," said Teddy Morris, Lanett's Chief of Police.

The defendant, whose name is not being released at this time, was transported first to Lanier Memorial Hospital then airlifted to Columbus Regional.

He underwent surgery for the gunshot wound to his back, and is listed in critical condition.

The Alabama Bureau of Investigations is looking into the shooting, to see who first fired their weapon.

Until their final report is issued, the officer, whose name has not been released, will stay off the streets.