Top Reasons Your Rebate Could Be Delayed

May 14, 2008

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - $29 billion, according to the Internal Revenue Service, that's how much has been issued in the form of rebate checks.

Sounds like a lot, but if you're not in that number...then, like many taxpayers, you're probably wondering where's my rebate?

We talked with IRS officials who say they've discovered several reasons consumers may not have received their economic stimulus payment as scheduled.

The first, if you filed your tax return through a preparer and opted for a refund anticipation loan.

"Those rebates will be held up and sent as a paper check even if the person chose direct deposit and the reason behind that is we don't enter into any third party agreements and we want to make the sure taxpayer gets his or her full share," says IRS Spokesperson Mark Green.

The next reason, if you filed your 2007 tax return on April 15th.

"Our first concern of course is processing the return and getting a refund out to the taxpayer. Once we establish that, then we can get the economic stimulus payment out to the taxpayer as soon as possible," Green says.

Another reason your rebate could be delayed,  well, let's just say Uncle Sam's going to get his first!

"For those individuals who had financial obligations; past due student loans, child support, or a tax obligation, I should say, those individuals will receive a partial payment amount or no amount at all of the economic stimulus payments," adds Green.