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Air Soft: The Combat Fighting Craze

Fort Benning, GA- (WTVM)

Those two words, game on, means it's time for battle, time to brace for war.

Time, Saturday morning. Place, Fort Benning Georgia. The mission, the game of Air Soft.

Fox 54 took on the challenge to explore this new thrill that seems to have more and more people rolling on the ground in the trenches of survival and fun.

"It's just so much fun. It's hard to put in words. Part of it is the people. If you have the right group to play with. You just have a good time and it can be so much fun. Enough fun to talk your wife into letting you go at least once a month," says Ian Harper.

"It's just fun. We get to hang out It's just challenging," added Levi Hollway.

"It's a good way to get out and have fun. Get a couple of laughs in and you get to shoot people," says Travis Harper.

It's similar to paint ball. But one difference-- the ammunition is little round pellets made from plastics and biodegradable material.

(nat sound)

To see what all the noise was about....

I ventured out to find my inner warrior and try my turn at the new game.

After a few rounds of practice, it's time for me to suit up ..... load up...... and entered the woods of war.


TO: 0:07



[CG :2 LINE CG\Chauncy Glover\]

<from now on call me the Chauncinator.>

(nat sound)

One field, two teams... In our match up of capture the flag, the goal was to make it to the other teams territory and steal their flag without losing teammates to gun fire and at the same time....guard our flag.

We had a special strategy.




[CG :2 LINE CG\Richard Machinn\Team Captain]

<to basically have the center fire so they won't over run this area so we're going to the outside and try to over flank them.>

The game began...the opposition of trying to catch the other teams flag wasn't quite that easy.

(nat sound, music and video speeded up)

Rolling, diving, shooting, dodging.......manuevering through mud, trying to stay clear of the enemy's, bullets flying at you at 250 feet per second.....




[CG :2 LINE CG\Travis Harper\Air Soft Player]

<A lot of people like it for the realism. You got guns that are one to one scale models of weapons instead of having a big air tank where the guns look distorted and fake. These weapons are like real weapons.>

(nat sound of me talking about what's going on in the game)

Round after round, pellets fired out....taking out three people

(nat sound: more yelling...them chasing me)

The team was on fire.....we captured six of their men and took out the rest in cold blood........capturing their flag.

(nat sound)

So with our war faces on and our inner warriors leading the way...we walked out of the woods champions.......




<i'm starting to see little bb's around my neighborhood so I think it's really taking off. I think it's just the fun>

Fun, players hate to see come to an end.....

Real people....real guns.....real pellets grazing your ear.......

It's not only a game of survival, but a game of bonding...




[CG :2 LINE CG\Darryl Ence\Air Soft Player]

<my two sons make me young we like to do things together. They got me into it and as long as I can keep moving. I'll be playing. I love it.>

At the end of the day....players shake hands....leave as friends and all hard feelings are left on the battlefield.

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