Disappointed taxpayers have questions about stimulus checks

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - The IRS reported Thursday that about 350,000 eligible taxpayers didn't get a child credit on their stimulus check because of a software glitch or an unchecked box.


  1. Will I get paper or direct deposit?
  2. When can I expect to receive my check?
  3. Why is my check less than I expected?
  4. How much am I getting?

Will I get paper or direct deposit?
IRS officials tell us the answer depends on a couple of issues.

"If, when you filed, you got a refund anticipation loan or maybe through your preparer you filed it online, you have the transmission fee taken from your refund instead of paying up front, that will affect your refund time," said IRS Spokesperson Jodie Reynolds.

"Either one of those situations will make your stimulus check flip from direct deposit to a stimulus check and you'll get it a little later."

So even if you filed on time, you could wait longer for your rebate if you got a loan or there are fees you didn't pay when you filed your taxes.

When can I expect to receive my check?
If you were told the date your check should arrive, and that date has come and gone, it might be because you filed too close to the April 15th tax deadline.

"If you filed your return around April 15th, you'll have to wait 6 to 8 weeks after for us to process that return and get you your rebate," Reynolds said.

That means more time to wait to find out how much you are getting.

Why is my check less than I expected?
What happens if you get your check and it isn't as much as you expected?

"If the check is a different amount, different than what you are anticipating go to (the IRS website)," said Reynolds. "There is a payment calculator. Use that, and if it is still saying a different amount than the check you received, give the IRS a call so someone can pull up your account and give you a full explanation."

How much am I getting?
According to the IRS, if you haven't filed before, but you're filing just for the stimulus check, you can expect $300 dollars.

If you're single, you're eligible to receive up to $600; if married filing jointly, you could receive up to $1,200.

Some families will also get $300 for each qualifying child.

Posted by: WTVM.com staff