Tips for a Memorial Day Barbeque on a Budget

May 23, 2008

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WXTX)--Whether it's the veggies or meat, whatever's on your Memorial Day menu this year, is probably a bit more expensive than the last.

But, before you cancel the picnic and send your family packing, consider this...

"There's ways to cut your costs," says Kelsey Anderson.  He's the Executive Chef and Food Services Manager at St Luke United Methodist.

His first tip...

"Kabobs is one I highly recommend. You can make a really nice skewer with a lot of vegetables and a little bit of meat and right there off the bat, you're saving money," says Chef Anderson.

If you do want to save on meats...

"Price out your pound of meat price per pound, it's all expensive now. You're probably going to be best off with a pork or chicken," he says.

But for something that's low on cost and calories, Chef Anderson tells us meatless meals and lots of sides are a great way to go.

"Pasta salads, potato brainer. Slaws, you know you can do an Asian slaw, something with just, no mayonnaise base. You know vinegar is cheap, if you do kind of like a vinegar wash with some sugar and some, once again spices and so forth...just play with it and have fun!"

Something else you can do, consider buying all of those extra items at a small, discount store.

And of course don't forget to check out what's on sale.  If you're cooking for a large crowd, maybe buying in bulk is the way to go.

Also, when it comes to fresh foods like fruit, cheese and vegetables, remember--slice, chop and dice yourself.   With pre-packaged items, all you're paying for is convenience.