Stop Thieves From Stealing Your Gas!

May 30, 2008

Columbus, GA-(WTVM)- Like a thief in the night, or now days, in broad daylight. Desperate crooks are taking gas directly from your tank.

"It's just getting more and more interesting how they're doing. We're just seeing a variety of ways people are getting very ingenious as to how they're stealing gas," says AAA Travel Manager Roxanne Towler.

So the key for consumers, outsmart the thieves.

Towler says there are several ways motorists can protect themselves.

"We recommend that you get a gas cap with a lock on it and use it, they're only $10 or so, we recommend if you have a garage, put your car in the garage at night," says Towler.

Some tanks have to be opened from the inside.  That's always helpful.  A quick search online shows people are coming up with even more creative ways to stop others from siphoning gas.

One tip is to insert coiled wires into your gas tank, or maybe use an aluminum scrub pad instead.  Also, pay close attention to the fuel gauge, and simply be aware of your surroundings.

"Just be very conscious of where you are and the people around you. Unfortunately, there's a lot of crime when it comes to this gasoline and people are desperate, because the prices are high.  Don't give anyone, any more opportunities to siphon gas from your car," Towler says.

Local police say they haven't seen a big rash of this happening in the area.  But part of the problem with gathering statistics on this is that gas siphoning is one of those crimes that often goes under-reported.   So, like any other crime--if it happens to you, file a police report.