Michael Registe: A Local Alleged Killer Wanted National

May 30, 2008

Columbus, GA (WTVM)- Though this massive search for Michael Registe has gone national, it all started in Columbus, Georgia.

July 20th--two college students, Randy Newton and Bryan Kilgore, shot execution style at the Cross Creek Apartments just off Steam Mill Road.

The motive was robbery.

It was a murder scene that shook the local community.

Police say Michael Registe was the man who pulled the trigger that July evening, killing both young men.

"I just think a person who commits a crime like that, he should pay the price," says Columbus resident, Spurgeon Glenn.

And now the manhunt continues for this Columbus murder suspect.

Interpol, the world's largest police organization, has issued a red notice for Registe. That gives international law enforcement legal documentation to detain him abroad, something local residents say they hope will bring this hunt to an end very soon.

"I think someone should bring him to justice . The state of Georgia, the United States, or Interpol so he can answer for these crimes that he's allegedly committed," says Charles Neal.

"It would mean that justice would be served and as a citizen if that individual could be found by the law and brought to justice, I would feel the city is safer for me, my children and my grandchildren," added Glenn.