Gas Prices Forcing Some to Put the Brakes On Their Daily Commute

June 2, 2008

Columbus, GA (WXTX) - The average cost of a gallon of regular unleaded in Georgia is $3.94.

That's up $0.30 from last month and almost a dollar from last year.  If these high prices have you wanting to put the brakes on your daily trips---just imagine what it costs those who commute every day.

Like many other mornings, Tim Turner begins this one at the gas station.  Unfortunately a frequent stop for this commuter.

He travels four days a week to LaGrange for school.  Nowadays, the miles and money are all adding up.

"Going to LaGrange and back, it's about 40 miles there and 40 miles back, so it's about 80 miles round A, total of 320 miles a week," says Turner.

Turner says he fills up twice a week at $65 a pop.  More than enough to send him to the breaking point.

"Gas prices are reaching to that point where it's taking a lot out of you!"

So much so, that Turner says he's going to have to come up with a way to stay off the road.

He's majoring in Digital Media Technology, and West Georgia Technical College is the closest school offering such a degree.

Meaning, he's got some tough choices to make.

"I'm going to start taking online classes, even though, sometimes it may not be the best to take, but gas prices are really affecting people and not only me, but other students as well," Turner says.

Turner's feelings are likely echoed by every other commuter hitting the road these days.

As gas prices rise, some employers are trying to help workers cope though.

City leaders in Birmingham, Alabama  have adopted a four-day work week for employees starting July 1st.

Others are raising mileage reimbursement rates, offering discounts for those who take public transportation, and even rewarding employees with gas cards.