Niffer's Raises Money for a Child Battling Cancer

Click here to read Taylor's bio.By Taylor Barnhill
WTVM East Alabama Reporter

June 2, 2008

AUBURN, Ala. (WXTX) -- "Welcome to Niffer's! Tonight when we give you your check, just turn it over and sign it and ten percent of what you spend goes to her," said waiters and waitresses all over the restaurant Monday night.

The "her" they are referring to is seven year old Ogletree Elementary School student, Carly Parker.

Niffer's Place, on Opelika Road, in Auburn, gave ten percent of each ticket all day to the "Love Carly Foundation".

When asked, "What are we doing here tonight?" young Carly exclaimed, "We're celebrating me, getting cancer-free!"

Carly Parker went to the doctor for what her family thought was a stuffy nose and an ear infection. It turned out to be cancer.

"We had to do surgery at Children's Hospital in Birmingham. They [di]sected most of the tumor and as it turned out, it was almost the size of a grapefruit that they pulled out of her little face," explains Carly's father, Scott Parker.

While visiting hospitals in Birmingham and Houston, Texas, the family's expenses started to build up. That's when Niffer's Place stepped-in! All Monday long, the restaurant donated ten percent of each check to the "Love Carly" Foundation.

Niffer's Place co-owner, Matt Knitter said, "Hopefully everyone will come in today and sign the back of their checks and we'll have a good turn-out and give her a good bit of money."

Almost every diner signed the back of their check for Carly. "Obviously medical bills stack up and any little bit helps," said one customer.

Carly even got the chance to work at Niffer's for the day.

"I took people to the tables. It was really fun, I felt like a real life waitress," said Carly.

Hopefully the donations will help the Parkers with their on-going battle.

"We still have a long journey. We still have a lot of scans and check-ups to go through and follow-ups. But she's a tough little girl and we're real proud of her," said Parker.

Carly summed up her excitement with by saying, "I like being a cancer survivor because when you beat cancer, you can beat anything in the world."

If you couldn't make it out to Niffer's Monday, but still want to help this seven year old's family pay for her battle with cancer you can visit Carly's website at to purchase the "Love Carly" merchandise, or to make a donation.