Alabama Voters Head To Polls For State Primaries in Low Numbers

June 3rd, 2008

EAST ALABAMA (WTVM)- All over East Alabama, polling places remained empty, with a few voters turning up from time to time.

Even in Smith Station, whose voters had the chance to cast their ballots for a county commission seat and a school board seat, turnout was small.

At Glenwood School, the polling station serves about 3,700 registered 2pm, only 102 had cast their ballots.

"People are just out and about, not really getting involved in local elections.  I think they are predicting 10% voter turnout in Smith Station, and 7-8% countywide, and that's horrible," said retired Lee County Commissioner Harry Ennis, whose former post was up for election.

At the Russell County Courthouse, it was the same story...out of 1,300 voters who normally cast their ballot at the poll, just over 60 had cast their ballots by 3pm.

"We had a great turnout February 5th, but that was because of the presidential election, and they don't see this race as that hot," said Alford M. Harden Jr., the Russell County Probate Judge.

A few glitches occurred at some of the polling stations...

Some ballots in Russell County arrived at the wrong polling stations, but the problem was fixed within 30 minutes.

Earlier in the day, Barbour County had problems with their voting machines, but it was solved quickly.

Several county and state wide races were on the ballot...for a complete list, visit the Vote 2008 homepage.