South Georgia Temperatures Soar, Sending Many Into the Shade

June 4, 2008

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) -  Dangerously hot, humid weather has made an early return to south Georgia.

Temperatures Tuesday reached 100, nearly a month before they did last year. All week we've been in the high 90's. The early heat wave has many south Georgians wondering what the rest of the summer will be like.

The calendar says June fourth, but the temperature gauge reading 95 degrees at the BP Station at the corner of Dawson and Westgate made it seem more like July fourth.

"For the past several years it seems like it's been getting hotter, earlier and then staying hotter longer," said bill Raines, a foreman with Reeves Construction.

Typically temperatures at the beginning of June should be in the lower 90's and yesterday's high of 100 made in nearly unbearable for construction employees laying asphalt on the Liberty Expressway.

"Putting down asphalt, you know asphalt is coming down at 300 degrees anyhow, we encourage the men to watch themselves and watch out of each other also," said Raines.

Crews have been told to pace themselves, take plenty of breaks, and stay hydrated with Gatorade. On the south side, there was a line today to get into Carver Pool.

"If the temperatures keep going up we're going to be really busy, really busy," said Stanley Bell, Carver Pool Coordinator.

Busy because it's one of only two public pools in town where kids can cool off.

"With it being 100 yesterday and this is only June I can just imaging how the summer's going to be," said Bell. It could be a sign of conditions to come, Georgia's state climatologist predicted temperatures could reach as high as 106 this summer intensifying dry conditions.