Unemployment Rate Up Nationally, But Not Locally

June 6, 2008

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WXTX)- The troubled economy has many U.S. companies packing up and hitting the road, leaving thousands of people without jobs.

"As economics become tougher, companies experience it just like individuals do and sometime they can find a better situation in another location whether its outside the state or country. Some may even down size or increase productivity," says Jamie Loyd.

But that's not the case in Columbus.

Jamie Loyd is the Director of the Department of Labor.

He says the job market growth for the Valley is at an all time high.

"The Columbus region valley area here is really experiencing job growth. So the rest of the country as a whole and even large parts of the state are experiencing declines in job growth. As a result we're seeing a lot of company expansion. We have BRAC coming to Fort Benning and the Kia relocation to Harris County," adds Loyd.

And that's only to name of few.

Loyd says it's a great time to be in the Valley's workforce.

And with the economy raising the price of everything from cheese to gas, even movie tickets,

Loyd says people are trying to find better jobs with better pay.

"The traffic we have picked up fortunately we have something here for them in the way of jobs," says Loyd.