Lowndes High Cans High Food Costs

June 9, 2008

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WALB) - The prices of food, gas and many other products continues to rise.

Lowndes High School is offering some relief.  They've opened their canning plant for the summer.

Geralene Easler doesn't let the high price of food bring her down.  "If the economy is bad this winter, I won't starve because I have plenty to eat in my freezer."

Because she brings her fresh foods to the canning plant at Lowndes High.

"Butterbeans, peas, peanuts," Easler says.  "Its real rewarding. The winter months you go back to the freezer and pull out fresh vegetables that you can eat."

With their wide range of equipment, the canning possibilities are endless.

"All sorts of peas, butterbeans, peaches, tomatoes, jellies, Brunswick stew, spaghetti sauce, says Ag teacher James Corbett.

And at just 50 cents a can, it sure beats the rising prices at the grocery store.  "I think the cost is pretty inexpensive for the quality you get."

Nearly one thousand people come out to the canning plan each summer.

Although it's only open through July it will fill bellies as prices continue to climb.

"They can put up enough peas, tomatoes or whatever they are doing in one morning to feed their family for the whole year," Corbett says.

The canning plant is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday through July 19th.

It's run by Lowndes County Agriculture teachers and students.