The Environmentally-Friendly Way To Get Rid of Your Analog TV

June 10th, 2008

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM)-Come February 17th, 2009, residents around the Valley will not be able to use their analog televisions if they don't subscribe to cable.

Many people who have worked off their bunny ears for years are buying digital converter boxes so their TV's will work with the new signal.

Others are using this as an excuse to get a new TV...and that means their old analog sets will be kicked to the curb, with the trash.

"It's legal to put it out for the garbage, and if they do, it's our responsibility to take it and it goes in the landfill, but we would like to discourage that as much as possible," said Les Moore, Director of Refuse and Recycling for the Columbus Consolidated Government.

Most analog TV's are made with cathode ray tubes, which can hold up to seven pounds of lead in each set.

If the metal is released into the air, it can pose major health hazards.

"I think people's conscious should tell them to recycle it instead of bury it in a's just better for the environment," said Moore.

There are many ways to dispose of your TV in a environmentally-friendly way...

You can go through the manufacturer...some, like Sony, recycle TV's made by their companies.

Office Depot offers special boxes ranging from $5-15 that you can fill with all your unwanted electronics, and they will recycle everything for you.

You can always donate to charities...Goodwill in Columbus is still accepting analog TV's.

If you can wait, the City of Columbus has two electronics recycling events each year at the Civic Center....with the next one coming up this fall.