Cheaper Ways to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

June 10, 2008

Columbus, Ga. (WXTX)--As the temperature rises outside, so does the cost of keeping your home cool on the inside.  We catch up with workers from Bi-City Heating and Cooling.

They're at a residence installing a new unit.   While this need isn't frequent, experts say routine maintenance is key.

"That's the most important thing that will help on operating costs, on efficiency and comfort as well," says Bi-City Heating and Cooling Comfort Manager Roderick Drew.

Ceiling and box fans provide another way to keep comfortable and cool.  Keep thermostats set at 78, or invest in a programmable one that adjusts at night and when no one's at home.

"The homeowner should always make sure they change their filter once a month, a good clean filter will help the air conditioner operate at a much, more higher efficiency and help keep the house cooler," says Drew.

Homeowners should also check for gaps and cracks at windows and doors.

"The same way air can come in, your conditioned air can go out, so the tighter the structure, the less the operating of the system itself," adds Drew.

Drew says on the outside, "Take a hose and just rinse their outdoor unit off, keep it free from grass and any excess debris."

Other cheap ways to keep the house cool:

Don't place tvs or lamps near the thermostat, the heat from those appliances may cause the air conditioner to run longer.

On south facing windows, install awnings, keep the curtains closed and apply sun-control or other reflective film.

And if a problem with the air conditioner still has you hot and bothered.

"Call somebody who's an expert, don't try to do it yourself, that will cost you more in the long run," says Drew.