Local Animal Shelters at Full Capacity

June 11, 2008

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WXTX) - Animal shelters in the Chattahoochee valley are at full capacity since many pet owners are finding that they can no longer afford to care for their pets because of economic hardships.

PAWS Columbus is one of them.  They're at full capacity after a local family gave up twelve dogs because they could no longer care of them.

Ten Lhasa Apsas and two Dachshunds were brought to the shelter Wednesday morning with matted hair down to their skin.  All were infested with flees, as well.  Officials at PAWS says they have seen a rise in the number of pets being surrendered because of owners going into foreclosure and downsizing.

"Overcrowding is an issue 365 days a year. The city takes in 8000 animals a year. They euthanize 6000 and that is because there is just not enough room here at PAWS Columbus and at the Humane Society and other organizations in the area," said Donna Rex, PAWS Executive Director.

All of the animals received haircuts to remove the matting.  All will be immunized and spayed or neutered before being placed up for adoption.

If you're interested in giving one of these pups a home you can call PAWS Columbus at 706-568-3040 or click the link at the top of the story for more information.