Will the Oil Crunch Lead America to Other Viable Energy?

June 10, 2008

On Wednesday, the government forecasted that gas prices will stay around $4.00 a gallon through the end of next year.

A lot of people are watching predictions to figure out just how much change their business or public policy or their daily lives.
Meals on Wheels is taking a gas price hit, cutting back routes for a service many seniors count on and high gas prices make volunteer drivers hard to find.
Overseas the images look out of a futuristic movie, truck drivers in India and Hong Kong, joined those in Spain, stopping shipments and traffic to protest high fuel costs.

The government's top energy expert told Americans to expect them to stay around $4.00 a gallon through next year.

It's enough to spur some change

One person said, "it makes me consider long journeys more carefully with my automobile

But divisions over long-term change are deep as ever over whether to drill on more U.S. Lands, like the vast outer-continental shelf

Karen Harbert, with the United States Chamber of Commerce said,
"If you can't open it up who is going to develop the technology which is hugely expensive to do this in an environmentally sustainable way?"

Athan Manuel with the Sierra Club said, "All we've got to show for pretty aggressive drilling for the last 35-years is again $4.00 for a gallon of gas."

Divisions over how hard to push, or even require alternatives and conservation
"If everyone in the country telecommuted one day a week starting tomorrow we would save twenty percent of our oil use," said Amy Myers Jaffe of the James Baker Institute for Public Policy

Oregon congressman Greg Walden said, "You don't pull a horse trailer with a Prius.

Seventy percent of oil used in the U.S. Goes into gas tanks.

U.S. Demand for oil is down four percent from last year.

The U.S. Government's top energy expert tells Americans, get used to them.