Judge Orders Cypert Documents Be Opened to the Public

Jun. 12, 2008

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WXTX) - James Cypert Jr. Is now serving time in prison after being convicted in November 2007, for sexually assaulting two female students at Columbus High School.

Two months later, both of the young girl's parents, filed a civil claim against the school system.

"These girls endured some very terrible things at the hands of this perpetrator on some level they feel some reasonable compensation that's due to them because they feel the principal there did not report this in a timely manner when she knew or should have known what was going on with this particular teacher," says attorney, Fredrick Overby.

The school district refused to release the claim for public record, arguing it was exempt from the Open Records Act, because it was a file similar to a medical record and contained information that would constitute an invasion of privacy.

However, Muscogee Superior Court Judge Frank Jordan Jr. Has ordered the school district to disclose the letter sent by the victim's attorney, saying the public policy behind the Open Record's Act dictated the records be opened.

"We believe there are some issues that need to be addressed outside the context outside the criminal law concerning this matter," added Overby.