Senator Sessions Discusses Tanker Report with GAO Officials

June 19, 2008

WASHINGTON (WSFA) - U.S. Senator Jeff Session (R-AL) met with officials from the Government Accountablity Office Thursday to discuss the agency's decision to uphold a protest of the U.S. Air Force tanker competion.

Sessions also requested meeting with high-ranking Department of Defense and Air Force officials who were involved in the selection process. Those meeting are expected to come next week.

Sessions says he wants to make sure the process is not politically motivated adding, "The Air Force shouldn't waste any time getting this competition back on track.  Our men and women in uniform need these new refueling tankers, which are already delayed."

Sessions stressed in a Senate speech Thursday that it was military experts who should decide which aircraft best met the needs of the Air Force.

"I hope and believe strongly that this Congress should encourage the Air Force to consider the objections raised by the GAO," says Sessions, "to fairly evaluative them, and then to select, without political influence, the best aircraft for the men and women in uniform."

Sessions went on to say that the GAO found some procedural flaws, but adds the GAO didn't invite politians, and lawyers to start picking the next airplane for the USAF.