Will Hurtsboro Soon Be Wiped Off the Maps?

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Lindsey Connell

WTVM News Reporter


June 20, 2008

HURTSBORO, Ala. (WXTX)-- A group of Hurtsboro residents say they have had enough of their town and the way it's run.

They have petitioned the Russell County court to forfeit Hurtsboro's charter.

They say for more than three years, the city of Hurtsboro has failed to keep roads in proper condition, failed to provide proper accounting of taxes , failed to provide adequate trash pickup and disposal and failed to provide adequate police protection.

And the petitioners say that's a waste of their taxpayer dollars.

"The city hasn't been providing services. The city hasn't been a city so therefore, the citizens are asking that the charter be forfeited and the county take over the operation of providing services for the citizens of Hurtsboro. Physically, it would still be Hurtsboro but legally it wouldn't be," said Thomas Worthy, Attorney for the Petitioners.

But not all residents are for the change. Some say ridding the town of its charter is not the answer,

"The bigger problem is communication. We don't have a good source of communication between the city and councilors so we have to get these issues fixed. There isn't anything that the county can come in and do and all of a sudden, we have police officers. The county isn't going to fix the problem. The citizens of Hurtsboro have to fix the problem," said Gregory Smith, a Hurtsboro resident.

Our calls to the attorney for the city of Hurtsboro were not returned today.

The hearing, originally set for this coming Monday, will now be held on July 21, 2008 at the Russell County Courthouse.

News Leader 9 will keep you updated on the outcome of the case.