Jury Finds Murder Suspect Not Guilty

June 25, 2008

LEE COUNTY, Ala.(WXTX) - The verdict is in for a Lee County murder trial. Twenty eight-year old Rosemary Newsome has been found not guilty of murdering her common law husband, 57-year old James Heard. It took the jury a few hours to return the verdict.

Newsome took the stand in her own defense on Wednesday. She testified the morning of the murder, in August of 2007, she left Heard at home sleeping in the bed. Her 18-year old relative, Reginald Core, was left at the home. She told the jury Core, confessed to her that he shot and killed Heard after Heard caught the teen in his bedroom stealing from his wallet.

Tuesday, Core testified for the prosecution that he heard the shots and then saw Newsome with the gun.

Forensics evidence or lack thereof, could have influenced the jury to return a not guilty verdict. A murder weapon was never found and there was no blood spatter or gun powder residue found on Rosemary Newsome or her clothes.