Columbus Lacks Funding For Programs For People Living With HIV

June 26, 2008

Columbus, Ga. (WXTX)-  "It was a very hard day for me. I knew something was wrong when I first started to get sick."

Thirty four year-old Jeremy Hobbs has been living with HIV since 2005.

He says living with the virus is a daily struggle, but living in Columbus with the virus is even harder.

"They need more than what we have now. There's so much to it. Going to the doctor is one part of it, but as far as the mental stress, the physical stress, and you got to stay in shape. There is so many of these things that people need," says Hobbs.

And that's why Stephany Washington founded Homeward Bound ten years ago.

She says it's the only HIV agency in the area and both sides of the river is lacking when it comes to support groups for people living with HIV.

"Its needed to build each other up. They pass information to one another about what's going on. They need support because it lets them take their guard down," says Washington.

Washington says these programs are greatly needed, however, they do cost money and that's where the problem is.

"Funding is low across the board as you know the economy is bad. People do not give as much as they once did. Organizations aren't giving as much as they used to. So we are. Non profits that is, fighting for the dollars," says Washington.