Cutting the Cost Without Snipping the Fun

June 27, 2008

COLUMBUS,Ga.(WTVM)-- During the summer it's normal to see co-workers, stay at home parents, or just people who enjoy the sun sitting out side and enjoying a picnic.

But how do you enjoy the summer fun with the kids and still pinch pennies? News Leader Nine hit the streets to find out the answers.

"We go to the pool on base because it's free. We go to the library a lot because they like to read and they get movies and stuff and we come out to the park and play," said Tiffany Marone a local mother who finds creative actives for her children.

Marone's idea of summer savings is exactly what some experts say families should keep in mind. At the first piece of advice given to families is...freeload.

Visit area parks and take advantage of other free activities at places like the library and museum.

There is a new trend of wife swapping, well why not kid swap! Hook up with other like-minded parents and save on a baby-sitter by keeping each other's kids when mom and dad need a night out.

Next, put the children to work. Maybe not hard labor, but research shows even the youngest child can learn the value of working and saving. Have the children help around the house for money, and teach them how to use that money responsibly.

Also look for damaged goods. Search for clothing with slight imperfections and check out scratch and dent items. You may be able to get a discount.

Last but not least, pamper at home. Instead of mom and the girls getting those pricey manicures and pedicures at the fancy salons, bring the fancy salon home.

There are tons of ways to enjoy the summer without breaking the bank, the only thing needed is a creative mind.