Tuition at Auburn University Going Up

June 27, 2008

AUBURN, Ala. (WXTX) -- Auburn University students will be paying a lot more to go to school. Tuition is going up 12 percent.

News Leader Nine caught up with one student who is working her way through college.

Auburn senior Ayten Finley said, "At one point I had three jobs and full-time school".

Friday's decision to increase tuition won't cut Finley any breaks, "It gets rough, I mean I don't get enough sleep, and it affects your school work and of course teachers don't want to hear about all that yeah you've been working".

With a high percentage of Finely's income going toward tuition and other college expenses, she has even less time to study.

"It gets hard sometimes because you don't have enough time to put into your school work because you have to work and get your hours done," Finley told News Leader Nine.

The tighter budget for students has trickled down from the Alabama State Legislature.

Auburn University spokesman Mike Clardy said, "The appropriations from the state are down this year, obviously we're disappointed about that, but we know that if the state could give us more they would give us more. So we have a budget shortfall and raising tuition will help get it to a certain point."

Higher education was cut by eleven percent by Alabama State Legislators this year.

"We don't want students and their families to shoulder the entire burden this year.  In fact we're taking some steps already to minimize the impact of that including some across the board budget cut," said Clardy.

This tuition hike will make up for 50 percent of the money needed to balance the school's budget. For now Finley doesn't see her work schedule slowing done any, "I started at Auburn before they raised the tuition once already and once they raised it you have to pick up more hours and of course change the budget".

In-state undergraduates will now pay an additional $333 per semester and out-of-state undergraduates will pay an additional $963.

The Board of Trustees did not make any immediate budget decisions that would allow them to balance their budget for the rest of the year.