Water in Gas Tank

June 30, 2008

PHENIX CITY, Ala. (WTVM) - A Phenix City man says a local gas station, almost ruined his car and cost him some hefty repair bills. His dealership mechanics say they found water in his gas tank.

"I want Big Cat to take responsibility for their fuel tanks. There is no other way water could have gotten in my tank. None", says White.

Rodger White was on his way to work. He says what started as a routine stop to fill up at the Big Cat...ended up costing him 400-bucks. "I stopped and got $40 worth of gas, about ten gallons. I left the station and got about 20 seconds down the road and my car lost all power".

News Leader Nine went searching for some answers....paying Big Cat a visit. "It says right here over 30 percent water found in his fuel. No our tests comes back negative. So how did that water get in the fuel? I don't know you have to talk to the owner. IS he here? No" says White.

The Mazda dealership mechanics say they found over 30 percent water in White's tank...agreeing the water must have come from the gas station. White says when he asked the owner of Big Cat to pay for the damages of his car.....he was ignored. "I won't shop there anymore, says White.

One of the main indications of bad gas in your tank, is your car will lose all power and stop completely, or maybe you'll have problems traveling up hill.