West Nile Virus

Two confirmed cases of the West Nile Virus in birds have caused Texas health officials to admit there could be more. About 40 representatives  from several county and city health services met in Dallas to discuss the spread of the virus. They talked about spraying and testing dead birds and about educating the public. Health officials in Dallas, Richardson and Garland have sent off dead birds to be tested for the mosquito-born disease. They say the battle will not be won in the next week or the next few days, but, could last the entire summer season. Officials say they are trying to promote calmness in the community. "We've already had one confirmation and I suspect that most of these birds that we've sent off especially in north Dallas, did die of West Nile Virus. That's why I expect another confirmation," said Dr. James Luby of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. They say they have an emergency plan in place in case there are any human cases.

For more infomation, you can go to, http://www.aces.edu/extcomm/wnv/ .