Rivertown School of Beauty

Rivertown School of Beauty, Barber, Skin Care & Nails is a privately owned school located in Columbus, GA. Rivertown School of Beauty is a leader in the fields of Cosmetology, Barber, Skin Care, and Nail Classes. Ensuring the best quality of education, we offer one of the largest, most modern facilities in the Southeast. We carefully choose our instructors by the level of expertise and background experience they can offer our students. Our owner has successfully been graduating students for 35 years. Employing the latest techniques and excellent instructor supervision, we at Rivertown School of Beauty take great pride in our graduates from our programs.
Rivertown's programs offer its graduates successful careers after graduation, and the taking and passing of the State Board Exams. These careers offer job security, optional job scheduling, financial security, and independence.

Mission Statement

Rivertown School of Beauty, Barber, Skin Care & Nail's mission is to provide vocational education and training leading to career development, graduation, state exam, licensing, and employability.