Alabama Board of Education considers greater accountability for college presidents

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by Chris Vessell

East Alabama Reporter
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July 1, 2008

Opelika, Ala. (WXTX) - The termination of Southern Union President Susan Salatto has led to a series of legal proceedings, and some issues are still being sorted out.

Now the Alabama State Board of Education is reviewing its evaluation process. The State Board of Education is proposing that the state's policy for evaluating two-year community college presidents be amended. The amendments would require more frequent evaluations.

The State Department of Education denies that the policy proposal is resulting from the allegations and termination of Southern Union President Susan Salatto.

However, they do say that if approved, it would prevent terminations similar to it.

"It's a government and state-ran facility, so I think its only fair that the tax payers know where their money is going, and how its being spent,"Kim Deal, a Southern Union student said. "I pay my taxes just like everyone else, so yeah I want to know where my money's going," Deal added.

Salatto was terminated after an investigation cited discrimination, misuse of scholarships and bid law violations. Later, a judge ruled that the Board violated her rights under the Fair Dismissal Act.

She's now back on paid-administrative leave. A department of education spokesperson told News Leader 9 on Tuesday that they hope more internal evaluations will lead to greater accountability. The policy will not be voted on for approval until Tuesday.