Will Lake Harding Water Levels Impact July 4th Turn-Out?

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by Taylor Barnhill

WTVM Reporter
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July 3, 2008

FORSTON, Ga. (WXTX) -- For the past few weeks lake levels in the area have been lower than normal, but what will these levels mean for boaters on Fourth of July weekend? We visited Lake Harding to find out.

For the past few weeks, water levels at Lake Harding have been down nearly four feet.

Lake Harding's Fourth of July coordinator, Jay Syfrett said, "Everybody's been fussing about the lake being down because that normally doesn't ever happen."

Syfrett said when water levels are low, it can make boating more difficult for visitors. "It's a little hard to get your boat in and out at different ramps but with the exception of that, it's good to use."

In the past week, the water has risen within a foot of the normal level. Boater Ronald Moody visits Lake Harding three times a month. "It was down maybe four feet a few days ago, but it's back up now. It's deep out there, real deep."

"Fortunately the water is back up to where it should be so everybody can get out of the boat houses and get out on the lake," said Syfrett.

Jay Syfrett has coordinated a 4th of July demonstration on the lake for Thursday night. Moody plans to attend the event, "I'm bringing my family down here and going out in the boat to watch some fireworks."

Lake Harding officials are expecting more than 5,000 people to show up for the fireworks display.

The Lake Harding fireworks display starts around 9:30 PM and is free to the public. The show costs over $10,000 to produce and donations are appreciated from the public.