Drive Smarter Challenge

July 3, 2008

Trains, transits, bikes, carpooling and even walking, everyone is trying to save money and heal the pain at the pump.

Experts say, how you drive and maintain your vehicle can either increase or decrease your fuel efficiency and gas costs.

That's why the alliance to save energy along with other partners created a new web site called

"We want to reach out to consumers to give them tips on how they can save money at the pumps and use less gasoline," says Kateri Callahan of Alliance to Save Energy.

The web site provides consumers with six simple steps to get them on the road to savings.

All you have to do is enter the year, make, model and cylinders of your car and get maintenance tips to make the gas in your tank last a little longer.

Before you hit the road for vacation, there is one tip any driver can use.

"Simply slow down. For every five miles you drive over 60 it's the same as adding 20 cents a gallon to what you're paying for gas," says Callahan.

"we hope people will log on and see how they can improve their fuel economy and reduce gasoline consumption and over consumption nationwide," added john felmy.

And filling up may not be the least fun part of your vacation anymore.