Tipping vs. Gas Prices... Are You Tipping?

July 7, 2008

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Gas prices are on the rise and it doesn't seem like they will drop anytime soon. This week regular unleaded is a little over $4 a gallon. That is almost double from last year.

Not only are consumers at the gas pumps hurting from the high prices, but restaurant goers and workers are feeling the pinch as well.

"It's cheaper to eat at home," said Mark Freiler who visited a local restaurant.

People with medium to large families say they are feeling the pain the most. Some say they would love to eat out a lot more and even tip, but can't due to the economy.

"No, it's no the same. I try to tip but it's hard. You know when you get a high bill and you look at it and you're like 'okay you know we did eat good' but we're looking at other prices off post or around town and it's hard especially when you have children," stated Elizabeth Kelgard who has a family of five.

Jessica Carter, who is a server, says the restaurant business is suffering so bad she doesn't see the big tips like she used too. "It's not even just the tips it's the people they don't come out anymore. A tab could be about fifty dollars, normally you would get about an eight or nine dollar tip, but now you would only get about three or four dollars. So it's really, really bad."

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