Motorists Still Feeling the Pinch at the Pumps

July 9, 2008

COLUMBUS,Ga.(WTVM)-- Gas prices are still soaring through the roof tops. For those of you using the highest octane gas.... you're being hit the hardest when it comes to prices.

At some local gas stations the difference in unleaded and premium is nearly 20 cents. Some motorist say they can't afford to use the good stuff.

"I use regular unleaded in that truck.  If I used premium unleaded, in that truck it would end up costing me a hundred-30 or a hundred-40 dollars because it's a big gas tank in that truck," said David Thompson a Columbus motorist.

News Leader Nine asked viewers in a web poll, if higher gas prices forced them to change the grade of their gas.

At last check--about 20-percent had switched to a cheaper grade, more than eight-percent say they'll always use premium...71-percent say they've never used premium.

News Leader Nine did find some drivers who say, while prices have changed, their selection has not.

"My husband has a thing about this car, being as old as it's a '98, and he says it seems to help it better if I use the premium," said Barbara Harris who uses supreme gas.

If you would like to keep up with the gas prices, click on our Consumer Watch tab to check out the Gas Watch.