A Columbus Family Turns To The Community For Help While Their 8 Year-Old Fights For Her Life

July 10, 2008

Columbus, Ga. (WXTX)- Friends and family in Columbus describe 8-year-old Serena Williford as a giving little girl with unspeakable strength.

She's battled cellular cancer since she the age of six.

"I have two feelings. One, I wish it would ends as soon as possible, my other feelings, I hope some good can come out of this and maybe a ray of hope," says Serena's uncle, Gary Spitzer.

Serena's family doesn't have health insurance, but with support from family, friends and the community, little Serena received chemo and radiation in Atlanta.

She spent several months in remission.

Only a month ago Serena had a pool party with her friends.

A few days later, the cancer came back, spreading to her stomach.

It was Tuesday when doctors at Eggleston Hospital, in Atlanta, told her parents there was nothing else they could do, giving her only two days to live.

"There was nothing they could do to help her. So the parents had to make the best decision. So they decided to bring her home to her room with familiar surroundings and to her family," says Spitzer.

And as her family tries to make her last days her best days, Serena lies in her fathers arms, yet still fighting.

And whatever the outcome is, family members say they're keeping hope and Serena's spirit alive.

"Her beautiful spirit is going to always be with me," adds Spitzer.